J Wolff

“I always wanted to ride the north shore after seeing youtube videos in the early 2000’s. The place lived up to it’s reputation. But I was even more impressed with the Eco Ride experience.

This wasn’t your typical “paid guide” 3 hour tour, with restrictions and red tape. This was more like riding with your trail buddy. Bill was super accommodating.

After assessing my skills on some of the easier trails he suggested we try some additional trails that he thought I could handle. Although I was initially skeptical, but his expert evaluation proved correct and he made the experience way better than I expected.

He said up front there was no time limit, and we rode for about 5 hours. Definitely- without a doubt, the best $120 I spent in Vancouver. He would ride ahead and call out obstacles, which was helpful in unfamiliar terrain. He would also ride out far enough ahead of me to stop turn around and grab some pictures of me on the coolest areas. Completely unexpected and a really sweet added benefit. Pictures turned out great.

The 2016 NorCo bikes were a dream to ride. As a testament to Bill’s character, the bike I was originally fitted with was slightly small- totally rideable, but just one size smaller than I probably should have been on. He let me ride his personal Carbon Range C7.2 that fit me a little better. The whole lineup of bikes bike is a smoke shows! Locally built too.

I have nothing but wonderful things to say about the experience. I will definitely call Mountain Bike Vancouver the next time I’m in BC. You will not be disappointed by your experience with them. The North Shore is Beautiful and Eco Ride does a wonderful job highlighting recreation in paradise.”

Expresso @ Mt. Fromme
Expresso @ Mt. Fromme